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We’re in trying times right now. That’s why we’re taking immediate action to make sure you’re covered during this pandemic, and that you can get the care you need, when you need it. 


Free COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

We’re fully covering all COVID-19 testing and treatment. That means no out-of-pocket costs if you or your family need to be tested or become ill. You shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of getting sick at a time like this.


24/7 Telehealth Care Options 

We’re introducing new telehealth options so you can talk to licensed providers from home, either over the phone or via video chat. 

Just pick the service that meets your needs right now: 

  • Talk with someone about everyday stress, anxiety, or other problems you’re facing. Get free counseling by calling the Laborers’ Support Network at 800-522-6763 and requesting a telehealth referral. Then Arcadian Telepsychiatry will reach out to you to schedule an appointment. Learn more here: 
  • Consult a physician for minor medical or emotional health concerns. Starting April 1, beneficiaries can access free care by calling or downloading the WellConnection app:
  • Access existing in-network care. The Fund will cover all telehealth visits if your provider is in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts EPO network. 


Medications Delivered to Your Home 

You can also avoid a trip to the pharmacy by getting your medications delivered by mail.

We offer a 90-day Express Scripts Mail mail order program for prescription refills for a reduced copayment. Just call your prescribing physician and request a 90-day script to Express Scripts. 


Guidance for Laborers

1-in-5 of our beneficiaries is considered high-risk for suffering from complications from COVID-19. This includes all beneficiaries who are over the age of 60 or have heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, or high blood pressure. See the full list from the CDC here.

If you’re at high-risk, please maintain social distancing and stay home whenever possible. If you are feeling sick or experiencing a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please call a doctor or urgent care clinic. 

Social distancing is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19. Take steps to take care of yourself and your family during this time, too. Continue to eat regular, well-balanced meals, find ways to exercise regularly, and check in with friends and family. 


Call Us for Support or Questions 

We know communication is critical right now. If you don’t already, please sign up for text and email alerts by texting BENEFIT to (844) 611-2435 and follow our Facebook page @MassLaborersBenefits. 

The Massachusetts Laborers’ Benefit Funds is currently operating with a smaller crew of employees, but rest assured we will return all phone calls and emails as quickly as possible

  • To leave a message for Pension and Annuity (781) 272-1000 press 1 
  • To leave a message for eligibility, claims and subrogation (781) 272-1000 press 2
  • To leave a message for auditing and collections (781) 272-1000 press 3
  • To leave a message for Remittance & Accounts Payable (781) 272-1000 press 4
  • For automated benefits services (781) 272-1000 press 5


Additional Information about COVID-19


In good health, 

Mass. Laborers Benefit Funds