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With COVID-19 still surging, staying safe and healthy on the job site has never been more important. That means wearing masks and social distancing but it also means protecting yourself and fellow Laborers from injuries and accidents. 

Most job site injuries are preventable. That’s why it’s on all of us to stay alert on the job site. 

Protecting yourself and fellow Laborers means:

  • Always wearing proper PPE, like helmets, safety glasses, hearing protection, knee/shoulder pads, and reflective gear
  • Inspecting all equipment and speaking up if you see safety hazards on the job site
  • Staying alert and following all safety procedures
  • Making sure job sites are well-lit and well-marked

Get more information on risk management, injury prevention, and up-to-date safety guidelines. Click here for OSHA’s guide.

As Laborers, our top priority is always getting the job done safely. Thank you for doing your part.