It’s almost tax season, and we’re here to make sure that it’s a breeze. 
When filing taxes, we all have to prove that we have healthcare coverage. To make this easy, the Massachusetts Laborers’ Benefit Funds recently sent a letter that includes your proof of healthcare. It also lays out the key steps to take when filling out your taxes.
Don’t miss it in your mailbox! If you haven’t received yours or if you have any questions about your healthcare coverage, start by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions below, or call 781-272-1000 to make an appointment. 
Why did I receive a 1099HC form from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts?
The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) requires health insurance companies and/or employers to provide subscribers with the 1099-HC form to help Massachusetts residents complete their 2019 state tax filings.
What if I did not receive my 1099HC?
All 1099-HC forms to eligible subscribers will be postmarked by January 31, 2020. If you have not received a form by the first week of February 2020, please call contact the Fund office. We can provide you with the information needed for your State return or order you a copy of the form from Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
Why did I receive a form 1095B from the Health and Welfare Fund?
Form 1095-B is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) document that may be used as proof that a person had qualifying health coverage that counts as minimum essential coverage during a tax year. As part of the Affordable Care Act, the IRS requires most people to get health insurance that meets this requirement every year. If you are required to file taxes, you may self-attest your coverage. You are not required to submit a copy of the Form 1095-B with your tax return, but you should still keep it for your records.
What if I did not receive my 1095B form?
This form is not required to file your tax return, however if you would like a copy for your records, you may contact the Fund office to request one.
Why did I receive a W-2 from the Health & Welfare Fund?
If you collected weekly Accident and Sickness benefits for a disability during 2019, you must report those earnings as income on your State and Federal Tax returns.