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Massachusetts has released new COVID-19 vaccine eligibility criteria, allowing individuals over 60 and certain workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

You may be eligible depending on your role as a Laborer. Qualifying work includes transportation, public works, water, wastewater or utility work, sanitation, and more.

Click here to check the full list of eligible workers and schedule an appointment.

Even as access to the COVID-19 vaccine widens, it’s still important to continue following CDC guidelines, before and after you get vaccinated, to keep everyone safe.

Please continue to take the following precautions, even after getting vaccinated:
  • Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose in all public spaces
  • Reducing unnecessary out-of-state or international travel
  • Continuing to socially distance from vulnerable individuals, especially those not yet vaccinated
If you’ve only received your first vaccine shot, there’s also still a chance you can contract COVID-19 before your second dose. Continue to follow CDC guidelines between vaccination doses to prevent infection.
Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe and healthy. By working together, we can protect our communities and prevent the spread of COVID-19.