Studies show that most people with behavioral health issues improve with treatment and many recover completely. People often don’t get the behavioral health services that they need because they don’t know where to start. 
We can help. Our Laborers’ Support Network is not only for alcohol or substance abuse programs. It’s a 24/7, toll-free service available to you and your eligible dependents for everyday needs, too. 
Our Laborers’ Support Network offers the following services: 
  • Marital 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Work concerns
  • Family 
  • and much more!
You may receive up to eight (8) sessions at no cost. To be eligible for these sessions, please call the Laborers’ Support Network to obtain an authorization: 1-800-522-6763. 
Your benefit also offers outpatient therapy, medication assisted treatment, and higher levels of care such as inpatient treatment, to address more severe conditions. We can assist in connecting you with the most appropriate level of care at an in-network facility that can save you money.
Call 1-800-522-6763 now for more information or for referrals to providers. You can also visit https://hmc.personaladvantage.comand use the access code MALAB to explore resources on healthy living, relationships, financial assistance and more. 
All discussions between you and your clinical professional are confidential. Information regarding your contact with the Laborers’ Support Network cannot be released without your written consent, except by court order, imminent threat of harm to self or others, or in situations of mental or physical abuse.